CTE Recruitment

The Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs at both Glendale Community College and El Camino College were launched with a common, shared goal: training potential students for trade and professional careers. Each school hired us to create custom-designed campaigns that would reaffirm their occupationally specific strategies, tailoring content to attract program seekers and facilitate overall outreach.

CTE courses are trade-targeted and substantively technical. Classes are taught by professionals in their respective fields whose expertise ensures that students receive an intensive, hands-on educational experience. While learning valuable skills that are vital to their career success, CTE students are also taught how to compete in today's evolving workplace.

It was crucial that our creative proposals communicated this dual-pronged outcome. The key to our approach would be appealing to a wide range of prospective students, from high school graduates ready to launch a career, to those wanting to upgrade their skills or develop new ones in order to keep apace with the constant innovations in a tech-dependent workforce.


Elder Tree developed immersive, emotive, forward-thinking presentations that were at once current, inviting, and digestible to a CTE-centric audience. At the end of the day, we knew that all roads must lead to enrollment. With that in mind, our strategy involved weaving together engaging visuals with straight-ahead messaging.

Not least among the challenges we faced was how to capture the essence of CTE concisely and convey it in language that was equally appealing to the varied and diverse prospects for engagement. To get a better sense of our target audience, we embarked upon a detailed research and discovery process to prioritize themes and position our marketing efforts toward multiple personas.

By employing a scripted narrative as realized through motion graphics, CTE candidates were portrayed in relevant scenarios that allowed students to envision themselves taking on professional roles in cyber security, business information, and digital forensics. That, coupled with reinforcing an underlying theme highlighting the program's path to a degree, a career, and a stepping-stone to a real future, enabled us to pinpoint and communicate our client's desired

Both schools gave us the green light and we set to work on these ambitious, budget-conscious
projects, collaborating with program leadership, administrators, and key staff.

We launched our CTE marketing efforts with high expectations and great pride — both in our working relationship with the two schools and the vibrant, local communities. And much to the delight of all involved, we were successfully able to build upon the distinctive visual signature Elder Tree has evolved.

As a result, the campaigns we delivered found the intended audiences. We effectively communicated our client's desired message, achieving all their objectives to their complete satisfaction. Needless to say, when our clients are pleased, we're pleased.

We are grateful to both Glendale Community College and El Camino College for allowing us to be part of and share in this amazing journey.