Pathways Program

As a result of our efforts, PCC has successfully expanded their Pathways initiative, showcasing the completed video as part of their overall student outreach initiative.

The message we were challenged to design and deliver successfully found the intended, targeted audience, and -- in the end -- has empowered students to make a smooth transition from high school to college, providing them with a clear pathway to completion.

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From local high schools requesting additional video units or Video-Trainers, through sincere recommendations for improvement, the results of our multi-pronged deliverables has been extraordinary. Over 15 high schools have implemented the program and interest from the Pasadena City College district has never been greater.

In the eight weeks spanning the run of our digital rollout, our combined video views from the three narratives totaled . . .

Ultimately, we were able to communicate our client's desired message, achieving all their objectives to their complete satisfaction. Pathways has evolved and grown during the short course of our engagement, and PCC has every reason to be proud of this initiative and optimistic about the prospects of the program going forward.

All of these exciting outcomes eventually led to the campaign winning the NCMPR's coveted Paragon Award, recognizing outstanding achievement in design and communication at community and technical colleges. This is the only national competition of its kind that honors excellence exclusively among marketing and PR professionals at 2-year colleges.

Awards aside, Elder Tree is pleased to see a new level of engagement and energy at Pasadena City College. We are so proud to have been involved in this amazing journey!