Intelligent Student Engagement

Top 3 challenges administrators face when engaging students.

1. Time - The time to start and manage an engagement campaign.

2. Data Intelligence - In todays world, the fight for attention is fierce. Analytical data that can support engagement is quickly becoming the only option

3. Creative - Is there a creative team at their disposal to help them execute it?

Elder Tree knows intelligent student engagement. Creating successful campaigns that drive student action and response.

We start with getting to know your student body by developing a report that categorizes the students into several groups or personas. By identifying the student body, Elder Tree can strategize how to best nudge and message individual students in a way that gets the student to engage with the school. Accomplishing this report requires a large scale, on-campus, student interview process. This is necessary in order to receive enough data to evolve student personas.

After the report, we continue analyzing an institution's academic calendar, from this we devise and strategize multiple student nudging campaigns throughout the year. Based on that calendar Elder Tree will send participating administrators engagement alert emails to start a campaign. These emails will also express completed campaigns.

Starting a campaign is EASY. Select the "start your campaign" link in the email that will take you to a simple to use form. It will request the type of campaign, the launch date, end date, and a place to upload student data.

Elder Tree works with you every step of the way starting with creative. Using the schools brand identity as a guide, visual and written concepts are developed for administrative approval. Once a concept is approved, a campaign can be initiated. Some campaigns have included video content as a means to emotionally connect with a student. These video campaigns will include landing pages to track the student's interest in additional content and eventually nudging them to take action.

Now we are ready to launch the campaign and connect with the targeted student body. Data analytics will be gathered, immediately tracking a students every move.

The success of a campaign is only as good as the data acquired. Learning what students react to and what they don't is imperative. For example, the click through rate on an email enrollment campaign is through the roof, but then we are finding that the students are completing enrollment. This could indicate that the enrollment system may have an issue.

Here are some impressive results from our campaigns.