Brooklyn Nets Graphics Package

Yes Network

New York. A place built on toughness, determination and grit. And in the heart of the city lies the borough of Brooklyn, where basketball is played every day, on every playground, on every block. A game rooted in the culture and feel of the city; a game as iconic as the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge or the Empire State Building. It was these very ideals and images that became the inspiration for the Emmy Award winning graphics package created for the YES Network and their coverage of the Brooklyn Nets.

Set to an urban beat, the music carries the player on his journey as he dribbles, weaves, passes, and dunks his way through some of the city's most familiar structures. He is part of the landscape, as organic as the graffiti, an integral part of what makes Brooklyn special. For its countless fans and followers, the only place you can find them is on the YES Network.