Their Journey. Your Data.

The institution is the student’s guide to success. Every type of student needs assistance navigating the journey to reach their full potential. Having intelligent student engagement revolves around targeted, data-driven strategies that can adapt as communication needs change. Elder Tree is the institution’s guide through the maze of modern communications. We give you personalized, data-driven methods at your fingertips.

Your data, your students, their success.


Drive Progress Our services reach every stakeholder, small and large, in the college’s network. Elder Tree’s work will bolster awareness and bridge personal relationships between each desired audience and . . . Read More


Cal State LA We worked with the Cal State LA marketing team to promote the new programs. Upon discussion and collaboration with the CSLA team, we identified and defined all appropriate audience segments, personas, user data, and content for an awareness campaign targeting prospective students. . . . Read More


Pasadena City College "PCC Complete" is a graduation initiative aiming at giving priority status to students close to graduating. We began with extensive research and analysis of PCC's messaging goals and target audience.. . . . Read More