Drive Progress

We start with getting to know your student body by developing a report that categorizes the students into several groups or personas. By identifying the student body, Elder Tree can strategize how to best nudge and message individual students in a way that gets the student to engage with the school.

Our services reach every stakeholder, small and large, in the college’s network. Elder Tree’s work will bolster awareness and bridge personal relationships between each desired audience and the college’s brand and services. Data-driven strategies are the key to reaching today’s student population. We use your data to guide students towards services that create better futures.

5. Strategy

We start with defining the desired outcomes to create personalized nudging campaigns.

4. Timing

After identifying outcomes, we set a timeline and develop your institution’s own individualized communication calendar.

3. Creation

Starting a campaign is as simple as filling out an online form and uploading the corresponding data.

2. Collection

Elder Tree synthesizes the data and determines the appropriate personalization and segmentation to compose a cohesive campaign.

1. Launch

We monitor and track every detail of each launch to evolve further targeted campaigns as data insights build.

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