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Elder Tree takes your goals and makes them happen. Plain and simple, we use what you already have in place to provide successful and timely engagement for all your students.


"The Elder Tree team is truly a game changer for our college in our traditional use of technology, communication, and marketing. They listen, engage, and become involved with our processes. Then they co-create with us solutions that are high tech and high touch."

Cynthia Olivio, Ph.D.

Vice President Student Services, Pasadena City College

"This past year I have had the privilege to work along side Elder Tree and through every moment they acquitted themselves as the most reliable, dedicated, creatively gifted, and most easy going group I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Christina Christie

Chair, UCLA Department of Education Professor, Social Research Methodology

"PCC's first comprehensive major gifts campaign was an historic undertaking for us. The smartest decision we made was engaging Elder Tree. They became an immediate extension of our team to help us meet every challenge along the way. Simply put, we couldn't have done it without them!"

Bobbi Abram

Executive Director, Pasadena City College Foundation


  • Intelligent Student Engagement
    Administrators face many challenges when trying to engage students. Do they have the time to start and manage an engagement campaign? Is there a creative team at their disposal to help them execute it? Would they know the optimum window to reach their students and would they have the analytical data that can support success or the need to pivot and change the campaign . . . READ MORE >>>
  • Pathways Program
    Our engagement with the Pathways campaign began when Elder Tree was contacted by Brock Klein, Associate Dean of Pasadena City College. Shortly thereafter, we landed the account and were tasked with raising the visibility of PCC's Pathways initiative, a regional recruitment effort aimed at increasing completion rates by helping students achieve their academic goals . . . READ MORE >>>
  • CTE Recruitment
    The Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs at both Glendale Community College and El Camino College were launched with a common, shared goal: training potential students for trade and professional careers. Each school hired us to create custom-designed campaigns that would reaffirm their occupationally-specific strategies, tailoring content to attract program seekers . . . READ MORE >>>


Elder Tree has over 17 years of experience in broadcast and promotional graphics. We’ve used our unique, creative, and technical talents to engage the attention of millions of television and sports viewers through sporting spectacles such as NHL hockey, PAC 10 collegiate sports, the NFL and even the Wall Street Journal. We’ve won accolades and awards for our visual motion graphics displays that entertain millions of viewers each year.

We have brought our passion for audience engagement to higher education. The visual media professionals at Elder Tree are big fans of higher education and we offer the best opportunity for today’s institutions to find their way with accurate and timely engagement. That’s why we developed the FASTT method, a different approach to engagement across higher education. Faculty Administration Students Then Technology is how we approach all our client’s objectives.


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